Future Courses

These are courses and schools we intend to introduce to compliment and support the existing once when have funds to support them

This is a school intended to train those in the masonry work on the necessary skills for masonry to move them from unskilled laborers to skilled laborers. Most of them work as masons and mason assistant. Proper training would increase their income as skilled laborer gets paid more. We also intend to train them on how to operate the equipment and machines used in the industry.  We intend to start with small portable equipment’s’ such as concrete vibrators, drills, concrete saws e.t.c.

Masonry School

Carpentry School

This is a school intended for those who want to train carpentry work. This is another lucrative area of business for most men. Construction and carpentry are growing industries and the education to learn these skills needed is not high. The course intends to train those in the carpentry business the necessary skills to move them for unskilled to skilled laborers, how to use the equipment used in carpentry and so on. We use intend to train those who want to learn how to make furniture so that can set up their businesses or be employed in carpentry workshops.

This is meant to train students and people skill required in metal work which include welding and making of metal products. There is high demand of metal products such as windows and doors in construction industry, as well in the vehicle and repair industry. These skills would make them obtain gainful employment as well help them support their families.

Metal Works School

Mechanic School

This is intended to train students on mechanical repair, electrical systems and body works of motor vehicles, motor cycles and TukTuk. This is also large business considering Githurai alone has thousands of Motorcycles and hundreds of tuktuks which are used as mode of transport.  The fact that most (almost 95%) of the vehicles plying Kenyan routes are ex-japan vehicles meaning they already second hand means repairs are inevitable.  These skills would make most of the people employable or allow them to start their own garages which they can earn a living.

Obtaining a driving license is very important as some of the jobs has a requirement for one to have a driving license. The driving industry is also a very large industry in Kenya, with Githurai being home to largest population of motorcycles and tuktuk which are used as mode of transport. These skills are expensive to obtain for most people and therefore giving or providing these free would help people gain employment.

Driving School

Computer School

This is intended to give student with basic computers skills that have now become a basic requirement for all fields of works today. Almost all jobs and activities require every to be computer conversant. Most of the resident of the area have no access to computers and there is need for them to gain computer literacy.

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